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The buskers are in full buskering mode at the St Lawrence Market neighbourhood so grab some money and head on down and let them busk you at the 2010 Scotia Buskerfest in support of Epilepsy Toronto. The fun lasts until this Sunday and the streets are also full of venders and there is even a beer garden on one of the side streets. Here is my post with photos taken during Saturday's performances.

Get ready for amazing tricks and fun, fun, fun as we fast approach the 2010 Scotiabank Toronto Buskerfest during the 26th to the 29th in the St Lawrence Market area. I found Silver Elvis in a small town warming up for his work in the buskerfest, posing in front of a beautiful red, classic, Falcon convertible. I told Elvis that he was on the poster for the event and he was surprised.

I also found a winged vampire - she was promoting Screamfest which is coming to Acton in October.

The St Lawrence Market Scotiabank Buskerfest festival continues to grow in popularity every year, so much so that it is hard to walk through the streets and you must pick your spot ahead of time - before the performers start their show. Held annually in August this event provides plenty of colour and excitement and lasts the entire weekend. Here are some pictures from 2006 to the 2008 festival.

In 2008 an intense rain shower cleared the streets in a matter of minutes. The rain soon went away and the crowds came back to watch the street performers continue their shows before an appreciative and moist audience.

Besides being highly talented the buskers usually say, right before the finale, that if you stay to the end you should pay $20 to watch the show and then they invite people to leave if they don't agree. Usually nobody leaves but few give the performers $20. People are asked to tip the artists whatever they can as I don't believe they are paid by the festival and must survive on the generosity of Torontonians.

The sky cleared and the crowds came down to the St Lawrence Market area for the festival of street performance artists known as Buskerfest.

The festival is almost too successful as the crowds make it hard to walk through the streets and see any of the acts. They should really build a few elevated platforms at the intersections so more people could see the acts. The actually had one large platform this year so maybe next year there will be more. Daisy the cute dog supports the fight to cure epilepsy.

There was a strange fire breathing, smoke belching and bubble making machine rolling through the streets..

credit to : torontogp.blogspot.com

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