Oldest sex manual in the world

The oldest sex manuals in the world are the Chinese 'Handbooks of Sex' written 5,000 years ago by the legendary Yellow Emperor Huang-Ti (2697-2598 B.C.)

Huang-Ti is credited with founding the Chinese nation and under this legendary ruler agriculture and husbandry and the silk clothing industry developed and flourished.

As well as the 'Handbooks of Sex' it is also believed that the 'Tao of Love Coupling' originated from Huang-ti. The Yellow Emperor is said to have had three female sex advisors, the Plain Girl (Su-nui), the Mystery Girl (Shuen-nui) and the Harvest Girl (Tsai-nui), and one male sex doctor, Pong Tsu. Their conversations (Questions & Answers) were compiled into a book entitled Su-Nui Ching, named after Su-nui. This book became the sexual bible and medical guidebook for many generations. 
source : http://www.thatsweird.net/history7.shtml

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