The mystery streaker of Tib Street

BARE CHEEK: but who is she? (Pic: Chris Gleave)   
BARE CHEEK: but who is she? (Pic: Chris Gleave)
SHE'S shown everyone a clean pair of heels - and a lot more besides.

A woman wearing nothing but a pair of trainers and a scorpion tattoo has run down Tib Street in Manchester city Centre at the same time for the last three Fridays.

Word has spread fast and her audience has grown, with many onlookers waiting with their cameras poised.

Mark Radcliffe, 35, who works in a shop in Tib Street said: "I've seen her a few times now.

"News of what she had been doing got around. A crowd of about 50 people were waiting to see her last Friday with their camera phones ready to get a picture.

"A lot of workmen showed up because they are building some flats nearby. No-one knows who she is or why she is doing it and they're too stunned to watch where she goes afterwards.

"I even saw someone following her in a car trying to get a picture of her on the camera phone.

"It's all very light-hearted with people laughing and joking," he said.

"People seem pleased to see her, I don't think anyone is offended. Tib Street must be the place to be. I'd like to see a lot more of it myself!"

Another shopworker, who did not want to be named, said: "This has happened quite a few times now.

" She's run up the street once and then down the street twice.

" I don't know if she goes anywhere else other than Tib Street."

One spectator added: "I don't suppose she's doing any harm. I wonder whether she's doing it for a bet."

Greater Manchester Police said they hadn't received any complaints about the streaker.

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