I've Streaked for Tiger Once Before...I Could Easily Bare All Again


THE streaker slammed by Tiger Woods for ruining his first Open win at St Andrews has threatened to bare all... AGAIN.

Sexy Jacqui Salmond, 30, famously danced naked on the 18th green as the superstar swinger clinched victory at the Old Course in 2000.
But the unhappy golfer accused lapdancer Jacqui of spoiling his triumph.
Tetchy Tiger growled: "It's a shame. I dreamed about walking up to win the Open. It was a special moment that was interrupted. I don't feel great about it."
But Jacqui, from Lochgelly, Fife, reckons Tiger's po-faced comments prove that he's a hypocrite after he was exposed as a serial bed-hopper last year.
His five-year marriage came to an end and he lost a string of endorsements after the scandal was revealed. Now mum-of-three Jacqui says she's considering a repeat performance at this year's tournament.

Pin top form ... Jacqui back on golf course
Pin top form ... Jacqui back on golf course
The curvy brunette said: "I don't think security would recognise me - not until I got my kit off.
"There's a wee bit of me - knowing that the Open is back in St Andrews just up the road - that fancies doing it again. It was one of the best days of my life. My fiancé Colin loves golf and I'm sure I could get a couple of tickets for it.
"I do these sorts of things on a whim. I'm still as sexy and proud of my body. Even after three kids I've been lucky to keep my figure and I wouldn't be scared to show it off again.
"But if I do, I hope the winner is better-looking than Tiger - he's not that good-looking."
Jacqui quit lapdancing in Edinburgh in 2004 after meeting Colin and is now studying IT after a stint as a voluntary worker for the British Heart Foundation.
Her X-rated stunt cost her a £100 fine in 2000 and a mauling from Tiger.
But Jacqui hit out: "It really p****d me off that Tiger Woods had a go at me.
"He accused me of ruining his special moment but I'd deliberately done it while they were not taking any crucial shots.
"And I'm sure I remember seeing him grinning at the time. The crowd loved it and were all whooping and cheering.
"I thought it was quite nasty for a huge star like him to come out and slag me like that. He made himself out to be a prude.
"Now that all the news about him has come out I think it shows he was a hypocrite.

Par-fect day ... Jacqui sets off across the 18th green in 2000
"He was acting all holier than thou over me streaking yet he's been secretly bedding porn stars and strippers for years.
"What I did didn't harm anyone but he's cheated and upset his wife and family."
Tiger wasn't the only person Jacqui upset with her steak. She fell out with mum Jackie - but the pair have since patched things up.
Jacqui said: "My mum knew I was a stripper but I think she was embarrassed that what I did meant everyone else knew.
"It took a few months for us to patch things up because we were both in a bad mood with each other.
"She was raging about what I'd done and I was quite annoyed that she had gone to newspapers and magazines to bad-mouth me. But it's all water under the bridge now."
Jacqui's kids Brendan, 13, daughter Rhys, 11, and John, seven, have all been told about the moment their mum sparked headlines across the world.
Jacqui said: "I showed them all the newspaper cuttings years ago. I didn't want to hide it.
"I wanted to let them know what I'd done and tell them that I wasn't ashamed of it.
"People reckoned I must have been really drunk to do it but I didn't need any Dutch courage.
"I just thought it'd be funny. Golf's not the most exciting of sports so it was fun livening it up.
"I've never seen taking my clothes off as something bad.
"I'm never going to be ashamed of my streak or being a stripper. For me it was just a job - I loved pole-dancing, it was a show and I worked hard at my dancing.
"I gave up six years ago because I just decided that I wanted to keep my body just for Colin.
"But I miss the buzz of performing on stage and I certainly miss the money. I was earning £600 a week. But after the streak I was making over £1,000 a week.
"All the guys wanted a dance from the Open streaker.
"I think I must be the only stripper Tiger's seen naked who he HASN'T had his wicked way with."
Meanwhile police at St Andrews have mounted an undie-cover operation to stop any unwanted nude birdies from invading the course.
They have confirmed to they are on full streaker alert this weekend. Jacqui has been warned.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/scotlandfeatures/3056493/Streaker-Jacqui-Salmond-plots-revenge-on-Tiger-Woods.html#ixzz0znpWgs6o

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